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Victoria Nuland says she wants to f*** DU

Our reporters have come in the possession of a very rare 2014 transcript of a conversation between US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland, and someone else nobody cares about. In that infamous conversation, Victoria Nuland used…

Satan disappointed in his performance at the Grammys

Despite what many liberals have called a “great show”, Satan expressed some disappointment after his performance at the Grammys. He explained to our reporters that he didn’t feel too well before the show as it was the first time in…

Sophia Kianni tweeted something without a selfie

Against all odds, today Sophia Kianni made a series of tweets that largely surprised her followers. Indeed, the first big surprise is that these tweets contained text. And even more surprisingly, not a single one offered a selfie of Sophia….

Klaus Schwab recommends Chile-Lime Cricket Tacos