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“Space Tesla” driver turns around after 5 years because he forgot his phone

5 years ago, for the inaugural launch of SpaceX Falcon Heavy, Elon Musk decided to show off a little bit and to put his personal Tesla in space. The Tesla is driven by “Starman”.

Experts estimate the car currently is 327 million kilometers away from Earth. The roadster has logged more than 2.5 billion miles in space (4 billion kilometers).

While it was a pretty good for Elon Musk to throw away his Tesla, because that’s 1 less Tesla on Earth so 1 less battery to recycle, the problem is the driver forgot his phone home before leaving. So he decided to turn around and come back to Earth to get it back.

At the time of writing, Starman did not manage yet to turn around as unfortunately, it seems the battery’s already empty. Being not far from Mars, he said he would wait for Starship and was hoping it would contain a fast charger.


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