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President Zelensky agrees to wear a King Charles shirt

In an incredibly generous gesture, President Zelensky agrees to wear a King Charles shirt.

When meeting the King of England, it is customary to wear a shirt. Unfortunately, President Zelensky has only provided a few green sweaters in his suitcase, one a day.

In order to help him dress as well as possible for their meeting, King Charles therefore decided to give him one of his shirts. That said, our reporter received confirmation that he refused to lend him his favorite shirt, which President Zelensky only moderately appreciated. After a long investigation, our reporter managed to break through this very well-kept secret: the king’s favorite shirt is actually rainbow.

However, the king graciously offered to lend the president his second favorite shirt, namely the one with the little stars. The international community and the Secretary General of NATO welcomed this strong gesture. President Biden thanked President Zelensky.

Unfortunately, no photos of the meeting could be taken and President Zelensky’s appearance will remain shrouded in mystery.


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