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Leonardo DiCaprio dating only girls up to 25 years old to fight climate change

Leonardo DiCaprio is deeply concerned about the planet, which is why he decided to pay special attention to the girls he’s dating. He explained that these girls are usually not ready yet to have babies, and he knows how much a baby is contributing to climate change.

He told our reporters that “Girls under 25 are not so mature and so on, so it makes it more difficult for me to have a real interest in what they think or have to say, but I am willing to make that sacrifice”.

We should all honor his great courage and the way he’s ready to sacrifice himself. Recently spotted on his super yacht with multiple young ladies in bikinis, he confirmed that he’s absolutely committed to preventing as many girls as possible to have babies, which is why he once again sacrifices himself and accepts to date multiple girls at the same time.

After the interview, he used his private chopper to get back on his yacht. Thank you for defending the planet Leo!


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