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Scientists discover a US citizen not supporting the current thing in Alaska

Juneau, Alaska – Russian scientists Igor and Dimitria Russiakov have recently made an amazing discovery: a US citizen with a different opinion, so not supporting the current thing!

“That was incredible” told Igor to our reporters. “We really thought that species was extinct. So finding a specimen like that, well that’s a scientist’s dream” he continued. Dimitria added that “with such a discovery and the related articles we will publish, we really thing the Nobel is possible”.

“We think it’s possible that because Alaska used to belong to Russia, it could that some of the people living here still have some Russian genes. We suppose that could lead to this kind of unexpected behavior”.

They gave us some very interesting details about that person. “Indeed, when we found the specimen, we were convinced it would be a Republican. So we asked them: Dear Sir/Madam, are you a Republican? We obviously could not assume that the assigned at birth gender was still matching that person’s identity so we were careful. The person confirmed he was a man, then said he was neither a Republican nor a Democrat, just a citizen with an opinion! That was amazing”.

The go on: “To be sure, we tried to get confirmation by showing this specimen to other residents in the area. And when these other people understood that our specimen was not supporting the current thing, they immediately called him a far right extremist. So we’re not unclear on this topic”.

“After thinking this through, and given how unique that specimen is, we decided to release him into the wild, but we cannot let you know his location”.


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