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Pfiser sued by US governement as number of deaths much lower than expected

Washington, D.C. – The government is very disappointed with the performance of Pfiser’s vaccine.

He made this known by filing a complaint against the New York-based company.

Indeed, it would seem that the contract signed between the 2 parties provided for the death of at least 1 million Americans per year, but we are far from the mark.

Joe Biden was reportedly seen circling the office no longer finding the exit and saying, “How are pensions in Ukraine doing if so many Americans are left alive??”

The question will be quickly decided because the contract is very clear on this subject. Albert Boula talked about it by text message with Ursula von der Leyen.

The contract is only redacted on 99% of the pages.

The United States seems well positioned to win their trial, despite a reasonable number of deaths.

“It’s still not so bad,” commented the CEO of Pfiser.


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