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Far right extremists want freedom

Dallas, Texas, USA – Once again, right-wing extremists are hiding behind virtuous words like “freedom”.

Freedom of expression, for example, is a concept they love and which allows them to spread their hatred of others.

Today, we hear a lot of talk in extreme right circles about the freedom of parents to educate their children. What a shame!

By what right could parents choose the education to be given to their children? Who do they think they are?

They are the same people who think abortion is a crime. These people think only of themselves! First they laugh at the fate of women, and then despise the children who manage to be born despite everything.

It is obvious today that children must be protected at all costs from the influence of these unworthy parents, otherwise these children risk feeling unhappy and bad about themselves.

It is important that every child can have the freedom to assert their true gender identity.

We still meet far too many children who don’t dare! No doubt at home they are under odious pressure.

But soon we will manage to liberate 100% of the children!


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