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Delicious plant based shit looks and tastes like the real thing

Seattle, USA – “The Real Shit”, a great corporation dedicated to saving our planet, just announced a new flagship product: “Algashit”.

This new product follows in the long line of previous successes of this magnificent company: “Algacrap, Algapoo, Algodung and Algatrash”.

These products will certainly revolutionize our diet. John Algo, the visionary CEO of “The Real Shit”, confirmed recently that “serving as much shit as possible to our consumers is important to us. We are aware of our social and environmental role”.

John went on to say that “the more our customers are used to eating shit, the more they want. It’s great for the environment and climate change.”

Although the various products are disgusting, they seem to have some commercial success.

Of course, we wish “The Real Shit” great success.


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