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New study shows cisgender people causing heart attacks among the vaccinated population

We already knew that racism and climate change were causing a lot of heart attacks. Now a new study by the American Association for Inclusive Climate Health has shown that cisgender people were likely the cause of many of those heart attacks too.

So how does it work? Sammy Smithy, the researcher who conducted the study, explains that dating, walking close to, talking to, thinking of or having as a relative, a cisgender person, is highly likely to cause heart attacks. The correlation is indeed very high as 99% of the victims of heart attacks met at least 1 of these criteria.

It seems the science is therefore settled in this matter, as the scientists have reached a 97% consensus on the topic.

The study concludes by warning the population against cisgender people and explains that society as a whole should start considering to make them live inside well delimited 15 minute cities.


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