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Man asks chatGPT to write love poem for his wife

John thought he was quite smart as while preparing Saint Valentine’s days, he had the idea to ask his new best friend chatGPT to come up with a love poem for his wife Emmy.

“Hi dude”

“Hello! How can I help you today?”

“Look man can you please write a love poem for my wife Emmy?”

And the chat bot did his magic. The poem started like this:

My dear Emmy, my heart’s desire,
With you, my love, I’ll never tire.
Your beauty shines brighter than the sun,
Together, our love will never be done.

You are the beat in my heart’s song,
With you, I never feel alone.
In your arms, I feel so warm,
With you, I am never forlorn

And went on… But the whole thing scared John a little, so he asked chatGPT if he could please kindly make it a bit less sophisticated.

My sweet Emmy, you light up my days,
With your love, I’m never in a daze.
You’re beautiful, inside and out,
Together, our love will never pout.”

“Ok not bad…” thought John. But still how could believe just 1 second that I made the thing? Impossible, he thought.

“Hey chatG, ok let’s make a poem that sounds like Homer Simpson shall we?”

Mmm, Emmy, you make my heart sing,
With you, my love, I’ll always cling.
Your beauty, it’s like donuts, so bright,
Together, our love will be outta sight.

“Much better, almost there, that thing is so cool”.

“Add beer “

Emmy, you’re my donut, so sweet,
Together, our love can’t be beat.
Beer and donuts, that’s our thing,
With you, my love, life takes wing.

“Add steak”

Emmy, my love, you’re sweet as a donut,
Together, our love will always be fun.
With beer and steak, life’s a feast,
Forever, my love, you’ll be at least.

“Now that’s it!”


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