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“Let’s escalate this war and get done with it once and for all!” says virtuous citizen

Mary Bribe, long term socialist voter, proud to be inclusive and to defend virtuous values, thinks it’s time to end the war. From a big 4 room house with a nice garden and a swimming pool, she said while watching the news: “We’re already financing everything anyway. It’s time we send jet fighters there and have a good big war to end all this once and for all!”

Her husband Mike tried to underline the fact that in case of World War III, he might be mobilized and be forced to go the front. She simply said “don’t be ridiculous. And if it your duty and it is your duty!”.

The family leaves in Europe not so far from the NATO headquarters, with their 3 kids. Mike added that the NATO headquarters, in case nuclear war, will probably be one of the first targets. His wife replied: “But we will stop all these missiles. And the Russians, they must hate their president, they will do a revolution!”.

Mike replied “Yes honey, you’re right” and put the kids to bed.


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