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February 2025: EU preparing the 48th package of sanctions against Russia

3 years after the war began, and following the visit of president Zelensky this week in Europe, the EU proudly announced they were preparing the 48th package of sanctions against Russia.

“This package will be highly effective”, confirms Charles Michel, the president of the European Council. “With this new package, we will be able to target efficiently Russia’s apples and oranges sector. This will allow us to starve their military” explained the president.

On the battle field, the situation remains unchanged. Russia has established positions in Donbass and Donestk. But, as president Zelensky reminded the European countries: “We must absolutely defeat the Russians, or they will invade Europe and destroy our way of life”.

The president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, explained to our reporters that this package would definitely “have a large impact on the Russian economy”.


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