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Former Twitter employee unable to find the trust and safety council at his new job

A former Twitter employee, Joel Rath, was recently hired at McDonuts’. He happily started at his new job, showing a lot of motivation.

However, after 5 minutes, he overheard a conversation at a table between some customers, where one of them made a joke about Joe Biden.

Obviously, as such a joke could be deeply offensive to the president’s supporters, Joel felt it was his duty to report this immediately to his boss.

When his boss kindly replied to him to “mind his own f** business”, Joel thought it was time to directly report this infraction to the McDonuts’ trust and safety council.

How surprised was Joel when he realized he could not find it! Back at Twitter, everyone knew exactly where it was, there were signs all over the place, and all the employees were encouraged to report offensive behavior, jokes, remarks, or tweets, all the time!

He notified his boss how unhappy he was: “Sir, I think I can’t find the trust and safety council anywhere in here. This is unacceptable! Did you make it hard to find on purpose?”

After a long silence, Joel’s boss finally replied: “Of course. What was I thinking! Indeed we moved it. Follow me.” Full of hope, Joel followed his boss behind the building.

“It’s there,” said his boss, pointing to a large trash can. “We have strict policies here, we put everything where it belongs”.


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