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Joe Biden makes himself extremely clear

During the State of the Union Speech, the President of the United States, the honorable Joe Biden, once again was extremely clear on a large number of topics.

He clearly stated he was ready to use his veto privilege: “Make no mistake. If you try anything to raise the cost of freeziminjobs I will veto it”. One can only applause at such clarity.

He continued with a very strong stance on the infrastructure law: “fhdjsqkffhqs once in a generation infrastructure law”. There’s nothing to add for sure!

On a different topic, once again, the president was quite convincing: “And one aezfsdone for a long time!”. That’s top level communication, no surprise he was elected so easily.

He also praised a bipartisan lesgislation in decisive words. “Pass the bipartisan legislation strethestrheththtethestre law enforcement.” We definitely couldn’t agree more, obviously!

So thank you Mister president for this inspiring speech.


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