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George Orwell congratulates the West for following his guidelines “by the book”

George Orwell managed to send us the message from the after world, which we have decided to reveal to the world, as it’s an amazingly positive message. Here it goes:

“Dear People of the West,

It is with undisguised emotion that I would like to send you my most sincere congratulations.
Indeed, I would never have thought possible to see the advice I describe in my book, 1984, which I wrote in 1949, applied with such care still in 2023!

I admire the quality of the implementation of my advice.

For example, the way you tirelessly explain to your populations that more weapons will bring peace. Gorgeous.

For example, the way you show them that it’s good that billionaires travel by private jet because they are part of the solution, while poor citizens are part of the problem, what talent!

For example, the way you explain to them that healthy food like meat is bad for their health, while continuing to flood them with advertisements for processed and harmful products! I adore!

And the best example is how you manage to make them believe that their children are polluting. Extraordinary!

Bravo for having convinced them that their way of life is too consuming of resources while continuing, on your side, to live like kings!

Congratulations again!”


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