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Liberal super happy with his 100 mile range electric car

John Karry is really proud to have traded his good old “disgustingly polluting” Ford for his brand new electric vehicle. There are multiple reasons for his new happiness. “Now, he says, I don’t emit anything anymore when I drive! I don’t care how the electricity is produced, because it’s not close to me so that’s great progress.”

He continues by explaining that “at least with my new car, I not tempted anymore to do stupid things like going on holiday 500 miles away from home. This is a thing of the past! Now I stay home! I am so proud to have finally achieved something : I am a good citizen.”

A small problem he has is that he lives in a flat. John explains that “well, charging the car only takes 10 hours so I can just leave it at my parents’ house and ride my bike to my place or I ask my old man to drive me back home. No problem here. I live only 10 miles from their place and I still like a small ride in my dad’s cool SUV”.

“My wife says she kinda liked it when we were going on holidays, but I told her that we need to fight climate change! So no more holidays for us. Hopefully we will contribute meaningfully.”

When asked if he cares about the fact the China or Germany still emit huge amounts of CO2, John answered he was “not sure where these countries are exactly. I hope they’re not big countries”.


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