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Luke Skywalker in love with Han Solo

While George Lucas was never clear on the topic, thanks to Disney we now know the truth: Luke Skywalker was always deeply in love with Han Solo. How lonely must he have felt all these years, to see his own sister steal the love of his life!

Luke confessed it really started when Han saved his life on Dagobah, this cold hostile planet. Luke was lost, alone and dying in the cold. And Han found him and brought him back to safety. Luke describes this moment as a “revelation”. “I knew I could always count on him, that he was my rock”.

Luke mentions some of the qualities he most appreciates with Han: “he’s funny, he’s a great pilot, and he always cares for the details. He loves pets! And so do I!”.

Luke confirms it’s been heartbreaking to sacrifice his own feelings for his sister’s happiness. But, he says, “that’s what family does”.

After all these years, he still remembers the first time Han told him “May the force be with you” like it was yesterday, just before his most dangerous mission.


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