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A bank grants a mortgage for a flat in London – city soon under water

London, England – This young British couple thought their idea was ridiculous: buying a flat in London.

Indeed, with the rising waters that are looming, it seemed obvious to them that all the inhabitants were probably going to have to move soon.

Television lovers, model citizens, the 2 lovers are of course particularly worried by the forecasts of the best climatologists on the planet. In particular, knowing that there is a consensus of 97% of scientists, they are very worried.

Nevertheless, not wanting to leave “their town”, Victor and Kelly decided to go to the bank anyway.

With a modest income, this couple must take out a loan for 40 years.

Of course, the climate forecasts are very clear: the rise in sea level is going to be terrible and by then, London will no longer exist.

Nevertheless, the bank did not seem afraid of losing his investment, and granted him the credit without discussion.

When the couple expressed their fears to the banker, the latter could not hold back a giggle, for a reason that still eludes this young couple today.


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