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Twitter user happy to know the truth, yet no one believes him

Twitter user Jim Reacher is very happy because he knows secrets that most of his friends ignore.

Thanks to Twitter, he now knows that some big pharma is at least thinking of modifying a virus. He knows that there are too many people dying in highly vaccinated countries. He knows that the globalists are plotting against everyone. He knows that gender affirmation rituals can be satanic. He knows that climate change is certainly UN scam designed only to force of all us to eat crickets. He knows that CDBC’s are gonna take our freedoms away. He knows that peace is better than war.

He knows it all!

And yet, every time he wants to discuss one of these extremely important topics with his friends, he just feels ridiculous. And his friends call him words. And they don’t believe him. Or worse, they don’t care. At all. Then his friends go to a party and have fun.


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