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Aliens discover a new species with unique behaviors

After sending out a few reconnaissance ships, the aliens analyzed what they could sense about the earth and the species that live there.

They were able to see that many species live there in harmony. Birds, lions, fish and in fact all animal species.

They also discovered a new hope they did not know, which seemed to them in great danger. Indeed, this particular species developed certain behaviors that they had never seen before in the entire Universe.

There are individuals within this species who spend their time disguising themselves. Some change sex.

Some individuals live with far too many resources while others have almost nothing.

This species inhabits a pretty planet, with edible plants, but some individuals seek to modify these healthy plants at all costs.

This species itself creates diseases. She creates drugs to treat these diseases that she sells to patients.

This species has healthy food such as water, fruits, vegetables or meat, but transforms these foods into unhealthy food.

This species spends its time killing each other. It is extremely rare in nature.

The aliens, deeply generous, analyzed the situation in detail and sought the best solution to help this species in need.

They finally concluded that was too much of a mess and decided to leave us to our shit.


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