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Sam Smith Accidentally Hit By US Army – ‘I Mistook Him For A Balloon’

London, England – A tragic event occurred on Monday in the suburbs of London. Indeed, Sam Smith, who was returning home after the “Brit Awards”, was targeted by an American F22 passing by.

The pilot, however experienced, explained “having had no choice” against Sam Smith. “I was on a reconnaissance mission. This mission is carried out in collaboration with the United Kingdom. I was about to return when I saw this black balloon which seemed to have landed!”

“Of course, I thought it couldn’t be a coincidence. I wondered why it was black. Maybe it was the ball that identifies itself with a black ball? In any case, given the level of threat currently, I took the initiative to send a missile to this object”.

It looks like the missile hit its target, but ultimately bounced off Sam’s costume, who escaped with a few scratches.


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